About VilleTv

In the fall of 2012, Sean and Kat Saunders had a vision of bringing quality Entertainment Television back to the airways and bringing a love for the Louisville scene. Ville TV Live was born. With their knowledge of the local music and movie/acting scene, they wanted to highlight some of the areas best talent in the only way they knew how. Make a show that brought an interest to a community that they were so in love with. After a few trials on other networks, creative differences sent Ville TV in a new direction. Thus starting the network bringing even more shows to air. With the helps of Network Directors Morris Shaw and Dane Becker, the network is now filled with pilots, productions and biographical shorts of all natures. Ville TV also covers live events, and is equipped to do pre-, principle, and post-production film and photography in any realm and manner of work. After many changes to the network and the addition of a few shows and original content series,  Ville TV Network is striving make Louisville KY the happening place to see some great entertainment. Get your thrill from the Ville with Ville TV Network