Lost In Time Music Video

From the team behind Jayson Allen’s acclaimed “Blame” music video comes a twisted romp through the tale for Alice In Wonderland. When a modern day Alice takes a Designer drug called “Drink Me” she is transported to a fantastic world filled with monsters and music. To get home, she must find the counterpart to the drug “EAT ME” but little does she realize the terrors that are in store, Beyond the looking Glass.

Featuring the music of Jayson Allen, and from the often demented mind of award winning filmmaker Herschel Zahnd, This short film style music video sends your childhood memories of wonderland running for cover.

From Renegade Art Productions, The Broken Arts, and American Recording Company.

And be sure to check out the unrated, “Redband” version coming very soon!

This video was shot on the Canon C100 MkII, combined with amazing optics from the
Rokinon XEEN 24mm and 85mm lens line The Rokinon 85mm Cine Prime was also employed for several of our DJI Ronin shots


Watch the Lost in Time Music video from musical artist Jayson William Allen.

Lost in Time Music Video